BARK Music


Released: June 6 2003

Maple Music / True North Records

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BARK marks the highly anticipated return of the levitra price Juno Award winning supergroup, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings. Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden and Tom Wilson who together in late 1995 formed the band as a tribute to the much respected but little known Willie P. Bennett Their newest effort finds the band maturing musically. Whereas the previous two albums contained a large number of covers, BARK features 12 original songs. Arguably some of the best material that these three talented songwriters have ever put to levitra online 50mg disc can be found in such stellar tracks as “If I Catch You Crying,” “Stoned,” “Had Enough of generic levitra uk You Today” and“Jackie Washington”. Recorded in the winter of 2003, B&RK captures the feel and energy of the band and offers the only for you order levitra canada listener a deep well of great songs that they can go back to again and again.

  1. Swinging from the
  2. Chains of Love
  3. If I Catch You Crying
  4. Water or Gasoline
  5. Stoned
  6. Lock All the Doors
  7. Had Enough of You Today
  8. Born To Be A Traveler
  9. Jackie Washington
  10. Heaven Knows Your Name
  11. Song on the Radio
  12. You’re So Easy To Love
  13. Willie’s Diamond Joe
  14. Tie Me At the Crossroads
  15. House of Sin
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