Released: June 6 1999

Maple Music / True North Records

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings are back! Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden, and Tom Wilson of Junkhouse have joined forces once again and are literally bursting their creative seams on Kings of Love, their sophomore effort.

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  1. 49 Tons

  2. Lean On Your Peers

  3. Tombstone

  4. Nickels and Dimes

  5. Boots of Leather

  6. Patience of a Working Man

  7. You Don’t Have to Play the Horses

  8. Vigil

  9. King of Love

  10. Summer Dreams Winter Sleep (instrumental)

  11. Queen With a Broken Crown


  1. Red Dress

  2. Fallling on the Angels

  3. Vale of Tears

  4. The Lucky Ones

  5. Remedy

  6. As Lonely as You

  7. Don’t Want to Know

  8. King of Love (The Puddy Mix)

  9. Andrew’s Waltz (instrumental)

  10. If You Have to Choose

  11. Paleface

  12. Skybound Station