Released: Sept 12 2006

Maple Music  / True North Records

Earlier this year the band went into the legendary Bearsville Studio with long time collaborators Richard Bell (keyboards), John Dymond (bass) and Gary Craig (drums) to record their fourth album. Added to the mix were guest appearances from Garth Hudson (the Band), Daniel Lanois, Pam Tillis, Malcolm Burn, Wayne Jackson and John Wynot. The sessions went so well, were so creative and fun that they ended up recording 29 songs, too much for just one CD. As a result, Let’s Frolic will be followed-up with Let’s Frolic Again, sometime in early 2007.

Let’s Frolic features stellar yet soulful playing, superb songwriting and heartfelt vocals. “House of Soul” is a Daniel Lanois penned song which he handed over to the band with one request, which was to make him cry. Reports are that he was brought to tears when he heard it. The band got an assist on the Hi Records inspired “I Give it Up Everyday” from the Memphis Horns’ Wayne Jackson. Pam Tillis’s angelic vocals perfectly compliment Stephen Fearing on “The Fools Who Can’t Forget”. Other standout tracks include “That’s What I Like”, “Lovin’ Cup”, “Let’s Frolic” and “Silver Dreams”. The wait is over. Blackie are back and it’s time for Canada to frolic!

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  1. Silver Dreams

  2. House of Soul

  3. Let’s Frolic

  4. Loving Cup

  5. I Give It Up Everyday

  6. Crown of Thorns

  7. Heaven For A Lonely Man

  8. That’s What I Like

  9. The Fool Who Can’t Forget

  10. Life Is Golden

  11. Buried In Your Heart

  12. October Lies

  13. Under The Rain

  14. Into The Grey